Wedding Party Bus Rental {city}

Why rent a Party Bus for your event?

If you have not been on a Party Bus yet you are really missing out. A party bus a  limo built on a bus frame.  All the horizontal rows you were used to seeing on a normal school bus are removed and replaced with leather wrap around couch seating.  Windows are closed up and replaced with large LED flat screen televisions.  Hi-Fi stereo bluetooth sound systems are a primary amenity on all vehicles.

Some of the reasons Limo Buses have become popular are:

  1.  The ability to transport up to 50 passengers.
  2. The increased space, allowing guests to walk, dance and move around freely.
  3. Some have restrooms.
  4. Flat screen televisions and bluetooth sound systems.
  5. Party on Wheels.
  6. Ice chests.
  7. Dance floors

High School Proms have been a big driving force in the popularity of these vehicles.   Why waste your driving time when you could be having a party.  Limo buses come in many sizes that can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 50 guests.  When you compare costs of different vehicles you should really focus on the cost per/person.  A typical 30 passenger party bus will run anywhere from $175 to $225 an hour depending on your location.  One other thing you should take into consideration when hiring a party bus is that the renter will usually be responsible for any tolls or parking fees associated with your night out. When contacting a limousine company you should ask for all inclusive prices so you can truly compare prices between businesses.  In most cases the tip for the driver is also included in this price.  On the east coast there is a standard 20% gratuity added to the cost of the rental.  Always get clarification of the pricing so you do not have any unexpected fees or costs when it comes time to settle the bill.

If you are looking for a party bus in the New Jersey or New York City area click here for a free no obligation quote.

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