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Preparing for the Prom of your life

Its almost that time of year, where students from across america get ready for their schools dance.  Much planning will go into the event to ensure it is a success.   There will be stress and fun along the way.  Prom, often called the Senior Prom starts with finding a date.  However, a recent trend has moved from having dates to going with groups of people rather than just couples.  One quick tip is to ask early before all the good guys or girls get taken!

Once you have a date it is time to find an outfit.  Most males will take the trek down to the local mall and find a tuxedo shop, get their measurements taken and pick up their tux the day before the big dance.  The girls will put a little more effort into their dress.  It will begin with trying on a multitude of different dresses with their friends to see which one brings out the color in the eyes the best, most accentuates their physical features and brings attention them the most potential.

Finally, everyone must consider their transportation needs. Some students will drive to their high school prom, some will get dropped off by their parents, while others will decide to rent/hire a limousine or party bus.  If the latter is your choice start the process early.  When the day of the prom gets closer the amount of available limos will be less, hence driving up the total cost.  When looking for a limousine consider you will be paying a hourly rate with a tip at the end of the night for the driver.  As you call different transportation companies make sure to ask for an all inclusive price so there are no surprises when the day arrives.  Many companies will a wide variety of vehicles for you to choose from including classic stretched limousines, party buses that can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 50 passengers, SUV Limos and specialty vehicles such as Rolls Royces.  Prices will vary depending on the type and size of vehicle selected.  You can assume you will pay between $75 and $250 an hour for your rental.  One suggestion is to visit the lot where your vehicle is being stored so you can see the exact limo you will be receiving on your special night.  For a free limo quote visit here

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